In 1996, toys based on the Timon and Pumbaa TV show were offered at KFC.


  1. Snail Snackin' Timon
  2. Bug Munchin' Pumbaa
  3. Out to Lunch Timon
  4. Hawaiian Luau Pumbaa
  5. Jungle River Riding Timon
  6. Bug Bath Pumbaa


  • This toy appeared the same year as the Template:BK. It is unknown if they were given out at the same time.
  • Toy number 2 shares the same name as a toy given out in the Timon and Pumbaa Burger King set, but they look different.
  • Toy number 4 shows Pumbaa with a hula skirt, while in The Lion King, Timon was the one who wore a hula skirt, while Pumbaa had an apple in his mouth.